Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tender Mercies

March 16, 2015

Hey family,
Man, this week has been weird. I wrote last week about how one of the sisters in our apartment was super sick and couldn't go out and work in her area. Sister Ferguson and I had been taking turns going and working with her companion in their area, so that they could have contact with their members and investigators. It was really difficult because that meant I didn't work with Sister Ferguson for 5 days in a row, and that meant we couldn't work in our area as much as before. We were losing contact with investigators and we were just overwhelmed. Even though we weren't getting out to our area very much and I hadn't been with my companion for almost a week, I felt happy that I was helping the other sisters. It's true that you are the happiest when you put another person's needs before your own. Well, Sister Ferguson did not have the same attitude about it. She hated being stuck inside with the sick sister and frequently stressed that our area wasn't being worked. One night she broke down and cried and said she didn't want to help the sister anymore. She even said, "I'm sorry, I know this is wrong, but it ticks me off that you are completely fine and happy while I'm falling apart over the situation." As her trainer, I understood that this was super stressful for her, but I also knew that Heavenly Father understood that we were trying to make things work. I told her that I was happy because we were doing our best, even if it appeared that our best wasn't enough. I told her, "Sister, I'm sure Heavenly Father is going to help us make the most of the little time we have to work in our area." Sure enough, the next day, we had two hours to work in our area together and the coolest thing happened. We were sitting in our car praying before going out to knock on a door, and a car stops in the middle of the road. A guy rolled down his window and we recognized him as an investigator named Chris that we had lost contact with during this crazy week. He hadn't answered our phone calls all week, so we were super surprised to see him. He said, "Church girls! I haven't been ignoring you! I've been working all week, so I haven't called you back. In fact, I'm working right now. But I can meet you at the park in 30 minutes." It was a miracle!
Heavenly Father helped us make the most of the little time we had to work in our area. We reconnected with an investigator and now Chris is progressing.
This week was stressful, but I can see a ton of tender mercies of the Lord in this week! I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father is in control and is helping the work here in Beeville!

Hermana Angus