Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Beeville, Texas

January 19, 2015

Helloooooo family!
I am writing you from the small library in Beeville, TX! I am in the northern-most part of the mission, and our area touches the San Antonio mission border. Beeville reminds me of Berthoud or Mead because it is so rural. There's even an Amish community in our area. And our area is HUGE! It's 50 miles wide and covers 5 towns. I was super surprised to get sent even farther away from the border of Mexico, which means I am still speaking English. Oh well! I'll just have to rely on the gift of tongues when the day comes for me to use my Spanish again! 
I am in the area of Beeville West in Sinton Zone. That won't mean anything to you, unless you are my cousin Nate, because he served in this mission. And guess who's name I found in my area book? Nate! He served in this area when it was called Woodsboro. I was so excited to find a teaching record of an investigator that he taught way back when. :)
My new companion is Sister Alyssa Ferguson from Mayville, Wisconsin! She is a fresh new missionary and I am enjoying training her. She's great! She was the only sister missionary to come in this transfer, and I feel pretty privileged to be training her. :)
This week has been pretty difficult. Side note: When both missionaries get transferred out of an area and they put two new missionaries in the area, it's called "whitewashing." And I am whitewash-training. Two very hard things.But I am taking it one day at a time. Sister Ferguson is a great greenie and we are learning our gigantic area together! 
I can already tell this will be a transfer of miracles! In this one week we have seen a lot of cool things happen together and I am excited to keep working in Beeville! 
I love y'all! 

Hermana Angus