Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Go to Church!

March 9, 2015

Howdy amigos,
This week has been crazy! Everyone has been sick here in my apartment but me (hallelujah), and I'm so grateful for health on the mission! I actually had to stay home with one of the sisters on Sunday, so I didn't go to church yesterday (she has a nasty case of the flu). Let me tell you, church is important. It just makes your week go better and recharges your spiritual batteries. I'm already feeling the whole in my week! AHHH! Missionaries should not miss church!!!!!
I'm so grateful for church! It's an awesome opportunity to come together and to support one another. Of course, partaking of the sacrament and learning more of the gospel is super important, too. But I just love the spirit of church, even when there are babies crying and kids fighting. It's great to see families there. There are a lot of old people in Beeville, so we joking call it the geriatric ward. haha. The elderly people here are hilarious! These people are very back-woodsy and look like they came out of Duck Dynasty. It's awesome.
I love Beeville and think this mission is so diverse. Every area is so different.
Anyways, I know the church is true and that we need to go to church! I will never take church for granted again! We need that spiritual pick-me up every week.
I love y'all! I'm excited for General Conference in a month! It's going to be awesome.

Hermana Angus