Monday, October 13, 2014

Multicultural Experience

October 13, 2014

Hey peeps,
We have one more week until transfers, and Sister Haynes and I are crossing our fingers that we stay together another transfer!
Life is great here in Corpus Christi. We are working hard and seeing lots of miracles! Fun fact: We will be getting iPads in December.
Another fun fact: We saw the movie, "Meet the Mormons" on Thursday! All the missionaries in Laredo and Corpus Christi came together and watched it in the chapel here in Corpus. There were about 100 missionaries together and it was like a great big family reunion! Anyways, "Meet the Mormons" is a great movie that does a lot of myth-busting about who people think Mormons are. It's definitely worth seeing and the stories are so great! I loved it.
I'm having a hard time believing that I'm serving a Spanish mission right now. Only one of our investigators speak Spanish! Our main investigators that we are teaching are: a family from Ghana, another family from Nigeria, and a Hindu family from India!!! When we taught the Indian family, it was the most basic lesson ever. Their house is covered in pictures of Hindu gods and they know nothing about Christianity. When we started teaching the Restoration, we held up a picture of Jesus Christ and the mom said, "Is that your God?" Everyone I've taught so far has been Catholic or atleast familiar with Christianity, so I had to think, "Ok, how do I describe the life of Jesus Christ in super basic terms? How do I explain prophets and apostles?" It was hard! But super duper cool. Corpus Christi is full of different people from different backgrounds. It's great.
I hope you guys have a fantastic week! There are countless blessings from missionary service, and I know that every sacrifice we make for the Lord is worth it. As my MTC teacher would say, "The Lord is a great employer; he pays you in what you need."
Hermana Angus