Monday, August 18, 2014

Good People

Hey ya'll,
Nothing super crazy happened this week. Sorry if this letter is a little on the dry side! 
My companion and I found an awesome couple to teach this week! Their names are Joseph and Alicia and they live in our apartment complex. One day we were leaving our apartment and Joseph and Alicia came over to us and said they wanted to talk about our religion. At first we thought the Joseph wanted to bash, but then he started talking about how much respect he has for us missionaries. He sees how we treat everyone we meet and knows we represent Christ. Then he went on to tell us that he and his wife love watching BYUtv and even watched the women's session of General Conference!! What???? We were blown away. They loved the messages that were shared and want to learn more. When we invited them to baptism, they immediately accepted. Woooo!! They have a lot of potential and I am excited to continue teaching them.
There's a family in the ward who is just awesome. They are the Burke family and they have six kids, 3 of which have autism. Brother Burke is the best person ever. He is always coming out with the missionaries to lessons and having our investigators over for dinner, even if we can't make it. He will do absolutely anything to help you. He told us one day, "I'm sorry sisters, I can't take you to lunch. I'm broke. I was taking an old woman's trash to the dump for her and the man who works there wouldn't let me dump the trash without her ID. I got really mad and started yelling and making a fuss. Afterwards I felt really bad and decided to go back and give that man a gift card to Chili's. So that's why I don't have any more money to take you to lunch." I love that man, he's too good.
Overall, I learned that people always watch us as members of the church, even if we don't realize it! We now have two new investigators just because they saw how the missionaries treat people and they recognized the Spirit. So represent Christ well!
I love you all and I hope you have a good week!
Hermana Angus