Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Hey y'all,

This week was pretty different from the previous weeks because 1) the weather was rainy and awesome 2) we had tons of meal appointments! But not your usual one-per-day meal appointments....

For the first two weeks in the ward, our members never fed us. My companion said it was normal to have a dinner appointment once a week. But then this week we had multiple meal appointments every day.... At first, my companion and I were super excited while looking at our meal calendar (it was fast Sunday and we were starving). Families had signed up for every night. So each day we went out to work thinking we were going to eat one dinner like normal human beings. But then at each member's house we would visit, they had food prepared and the table set for us. My companion and I ate three dinners on Thursday. Ugh...... Our days mainly consisted of an unscheduled meal at 4 o'clock, another surprise meal 5 o'clock, and then our actual scheduled dinner at 6 o'clock. Good thing we were on bikes!!!! While biking, my companion told me, "I'm pretty sure this is what pregnancy feels like."  hahaha. Don't get me wrong, I am super grateful for all of the love we are receiving from our members! I just wish my stomach was bigger!

I am so grateful for everyone's support for me out here on the mission. A few weeks ago I wrote about how hard things were down here, and I received tons of letters and words of encouragement from back home! You guys are so great. I am doing a lot better know and I am loving the work. We still don't have any investigators, but my companion and I are working hard to have, as they say in Spanish, ANIMO! I love you all!

Con amor,
Hermana Angus