Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Corpus Christi

Howdy y'all!
Hellooooooo from Corpus Christi! It is the Northern-most part of the mission and it is completely different from where I was before. I went from Mexican culture and Mexican food to American culture and barbeque. Corpus is full of white people and hardly any Spanish. Every missionary dreads going to Corpus because your Spanish gets rusty. Great, mine wasn't even good to begin with! We call Corpus the "Great White North". hahaha. When I heard that I was going there, my companion said to me, "Aw man! You're going to Canada!" (Nate, I am in the Everhart area--Corpus Christi Zone). But I really love it here, already. Yeah, the Mexican culture is missing, but Corpus is a cool city. People talk with southern twang and it's fun. We are about 5 miles from the Gulf of Mexico and there is always a breeze. Hallelujah.
I have a new companion and she is awesome! Her name is Sister Nail and she is from Los Angeles. My old companion was from LA, too! She is 22 years old and went to BYU-Idaho. We get along really well and are already having a lot of fun.
Uncle David, you'll never guess who is the Bishop of my ward....Your old companion, Elder Sagers (AKA Clive)! We went over to his house and he looked at my name and asked where my dad was from. I told him Utah and he said, "I served my mission in Taiwan with an Elder Angus from Odgen, Utah." Mind blown. Man, the world is small!
We are teaching a super cool guy named John. He looks and sounds just like Liam Neeson and every time we teach him I feel like I am teaching Batman's martial arts master. He loves reading the Book of Mormon and is already in Jacob. And he has been coming to church every week. Next step: Baptism! The only problem is he is super cautious and doesn't want to make this life long commitment without being 100% certain. So we are being patient with him. But he will get there. He is so awesome and I love teaching him.
Anyways, life is good here in Corpus! I hope y'all have a great week!
Hermana Angus

pink house-- saying goodbye to mission, tx
doggy-- cute little dog in Corpus and photo bombed by my comp
me and sister nail