Thursday, June 5, 2014

One Month

Hey y'all!
I can´t believe I have been at the CCM for a month already! This week just flew by. I am a little sad at the thought of leaving soon. But at the same time, I am excited to get to Texas. Two more weeks!
This week has been pretty chilly here in Mexico. Our teacher told us that the summer months are April and May, so now we are in the rainy season... I thought coming to Mexico was going to prepare me for the heat in Texas...I guess not!! 
Some Latino elders always try to talk to me in English. These elders pass me all the time and say, "Hi!" in a kind of girly voice. For the first few weeks I thought they were mocking me for being a gringa, so I would just greet them in Spanish. But then I realized that all the Latinos here are trying to learn English while us North Americans are trying to learn Spanish. So this week when those elders said passed and said, "Hi" to me, I finally gave in a said "Hi" back. They were surprised and then said "How are you?". This went on for a minute of us trying to communicate in simple English. As I walked away, they all started cheering "Yeah!!!!" and giving high fives. I guess they get just as excited about speaking to native English speaking as we get about speaking to native Spanish speakers! 
This week, one of the hermanas in my district was super confused on some grammar we were learning. She was frustrated and yelled, "Why can´t everyone just speak the same language?!?" Our sassy Latino teacher looked at her and said, "¨Hermana, the tower of Babel is not my fault.¨ But it´s true. Spanish can be frustrating with how detailed it is. I have noticed that during Spanish class, I don´t really remember much of what I learn. But while I am teaching my investigator, I can remember a ton of Spanish! I even remember words I have only seen on paper one time. The Spirit is a huge help when trying to learn Spanish!
The church is true and I love you all! Hasta luego!
Con amor,
Hermana Angus