Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hello from Texas!

Hey y'all!
I am in Mission, Texas! (Nate, I am in Palmhurst West area, Hidalgo Zone). For those of you who aren't Nate and didn't serve in this very mission, it is right next to McAllen and about 15 minutes away from the border of Mexico. It is super confusing because the wards are Mission 1st, Mission 2nd...and I keep thinking that these are wards just for missionaries! Its weird. Anyways, my trainer is super awesome and is really patient with me. She is Latina and from Los Angeles and her name is Hermana Vasquez. Her Spanish is beautiful, so I am hoping I know I will learn a lot from her. I love her so much already. I hope she loves me back because she is stuck with me for 12 weeks!
The heat and humidity down here is crazy. Holy smokes, I have never sweated so much, especially because we bike all day. But I have been super duper careful about wearing sunscreen and I am not sunburned at all. Wooooo! I count that as a miracle. I live in an apartment with my companion and two other sister missionaries. Between the four of us, we have one car that we take turns using. I have been proselyting on a bike and in a car, and I have to say, biking is so much better. It is more fun and you get to talk to people on the streets. It would be kind of weird to stop the car and roll down the windows to ask someone if they want to hear a message about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Haha. So biking is a hundred times better. Biking in a skirt is actually pretty easy, but we do look ridiculous. I cannot count how many times people have driven past us and then done a double-take and laughed...But its all good!
In the one week I have been here, I have developed a fear of dogs. The dogs down here are big and mean. We will be walking down a street when three or four huge dogs will start following us down the street and biting at our heels. Its terrifying. But I am getting good at growling back and taking my bag off my shoulder to whack them.... So that's fun!
I love the people and the culture down here. Latinos are super friendly and are never rude. Even if they aren't interested in what you have to say, they will offer you water and let you cool off in there house. The only people who have been rude are the few white people down here. Sorry for the generalization... They say the most racist things to my companion and I get so mad!! But she is so forgiving and loving and doesn't let anything get to her.
Yesterday was my first Sunday and everyone at church greets each other with that kissy-thing on the cheek. I have never been kissed so much in my life. And they all like my hair. I also have never had so many people touch my hair. Church was fun and I love how patient they all were with my Spanish. Man, my Spanish is terrible. But I will get there.
Every day I witness little miracles. Right now we don't have any investigators, but I see blessings every day. I cant even explain, but I just receive little promptings all the time that let me know that Heavenly Father is aware of me and guiding me. Being a missionary is hard, but the blessings are awesome. I love you all!

4 am at the airport, the letter, our noble steeds, and my hair! It looks pretty normal here in Tejas! Surprising