Friday, May 30, 2014

I love to see the temple!

Today I went with my district to the Mexico City temple! We couldn´t actually go through the temple because it is under construction for the next year and half. They are working on making it earthquake proof. But it was so great to go to the visitors center and just be in the city! I wish we could have seen more of the city, but I still loved it. 
We experienced another earthquake this week. And I slept through it again!!!! I was so disappointed. Why do I have to be so good at sleeping?? For the first time in my life, I love having a bedtime. When 1030 rolls around, I am so excited to jump in bed and go to sleep. My family is shocked, I am sure.
This week, our district got two new elders from the Provo MTC. They are going to Ecuador but couldnt get their visas until now. They are pretty cool. They said that the Mexico MTC is different and harder than Provo, because the teachers talk so fast and are natives. In Provo their teachers were gringos who talked slowly for them. I agree, it can be pretty difficult to understand what our teachers are saying because they talk so fast, but I am getting better at keeping up. I love my instructors. They are so fun and make the sassiest comments in class. Mexicans are witty! 
We had a crazy rain storm this week! It came out of nowhere and just started pouring. There was a leak in our classroom ceiling, so our floor was flooded the next morning. Esta bien, it´s all part of the experience! However, I heard that one of the sister missionaries slipped in the rain and shattered her knee cap. She was flown to Dallas, TX for surgery. I would have been so bummed if that was me!! 
I am beginning to realize how hard goodbyes are while at the CCM. The people I meet here are going to different parts of the world and I will never see them again. Our district liked to play soccer with a Latino district that left this week. While saying goodbye, they said, ¨Jugaremos futbol en el cielo¨, which means, ¨We will play soccer in heaven.¨ So sad!! 
Anyways, I am loving the CCM. Being a missionary is a very special experience and I can tell that I am growing as a person. My Spanish and my testimony improves each day.
I love you all!
Con amor,
Hermana Angus