Friday, July 4, 2014

Slow Week

I am going to be super honest and say that this week was pretty rough. Every day was full of challenges. We don't have any investigators and no one is really interested in our message. There is a lot of darkness in the world, I feel like this gospel is such a light. And the job of a missionary is to proclaim to the world, "Hey everyone! I have a candle! Do you want a candle, too!? Everyone take a candle!" You would think everyone would want one, but no one does. But I have faith that there is someone in our area who really does want this light in there life. We just have to find them.
But on the bright side, I am still not sunburned!!
The World Cup is huge down here, so that is all I have been hearing about. People even wore Mexico jerseys to church yesterday! Crazy.
I hope you all our shining your light for all of the world to see!
Hermana Angus
P.S. Be an awesome person and offer water to your local missionaries. Its hot outside!