Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Earthquakes and Fireworks

Hola familia y amigos! 
I made it through my first week here at the CCM! I´m not going to lie, the first few days were tough. Missionary life is really different and the transition was hard. I´m still transitioning, but I am learning to love it here more and more each day. 
For some reason, I thought I would hear a lot of English and Spanish in my classes and around campus. No. The only English I hear is between my American companion and me. My companion´s name is Hermana Hopkins and she is from Heber, UT. She is also going to McAllen, TX! We are really excited. I live in a room with three other hermanas. Three of us are going to McAllen and the other one is going to Richmond, Virginia.
My teachers are native Spanish speakers and know very little English. It´s hard since I don´t know a lot of Spanish yet, but it´s also really helpful. It forces me to learn Spanish quickly. In just one week here at the CCM, my Spanish has improved a lot. I´m still awful, but I´m picking it up quickly. I am so grateful for taking Spanish class in high school! Some of the elders and hermanas here sound like Siri while trying to pronounce Spanish words. Yikes.
Every day people ask me if I have ever been told that I look like the girl from ¨Brave¨. Sometimes I hear, ¨If you could change ya fet, wouldja?¨ from people walking by. It´s funny. 
We have had two earthquakes in the past week! The first one was really small, and I was asleep for the second one. The sirens are really really really loud, but somehow I slept through it! Apparently it was big enough to shake the bed frames and closets. I am a little bummed I missed it! 
Every day there are fireworks going off somewhere in Mexico City. After the firework explosions, the elders always make the Hunger Games symbol in the air. I laugh every time. 
The food is pretty good here! I have tried a lot of different Mexican meals and they are muy delicioso! 
My companion and I laugh a lot. And over the dumbest things. I tried talking to a native Spanish speaking missionary and he said, ¨Hola, buenas tardes.¨ He spoke so quickly that I just decided to repeat what I thought I heard. So I said, ¨Hola, buenos aires.¨ My companion just looked at me and said, ¨Like Argentina?¨ It was so embarrassing! We keep saying,¨You are going to laugh or cry, so let´s just laugh about it.¨
It was so great to talk to my family on Mother´s Day! Even though I had been gone 4 days, I already had so much to talk about! The CCM is busy busy busy! But I am learning so much. Thank you for all of your support! I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior and I feel His love every day!
Con amor,
Hermana Angus