Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Magic Tricks

Hey yáll!
This week I had to give a talk on the Fall of Adam and Even in Sacrament meeting...in Spanish!! I was the newest missionary that was chosen to speak, so I was really nervous that my Spanish was going to be terrible. But after I sat back down, everyone kept telling me how impressed they were with my Spanish! They said I sounded like a Mexican! Best compliment ever! Of course, they might have been lying, but I dont even care. 
One of the elders in my district is 21 years old. So he has been nicknamed Elder Miagui and the other elders are his Karate Kids. It´s a fitting title! Elder Miagui taught all of us how to split an apple with our bear hands! I felt like the Hulk! In return, I taught everyone how to make a toothpick jump in the palm of their hand. We are convinced these magic tricks are going to get us into houses while tracting. One of the elders in my district has nicknamed me Hermana Carne (which means meat¨ in Spanish, as in Angus Beef). I love my district and we always have so much fun. We really, really love to sing Disney. While we are using our language program on the computers every day, we sing Frozen songs. Its the closest thing to music we have!
I get sunburned every day. Since the weather in Mexico City is awesome, we study outside, but I have to stay in the shade. The elders always bring out chairs for the hermanas and they put 3 in the sun and 1 in the shade. I am the shade dweller. I dont know how I am going to survive Texas, but I know the Lord will bless me! 
Funny story: The word for son¨¨ is ¨hijo¨¨ but you dont pronounce the ¨h¨. My companion pronounces the ¨h¨, which makes it a completely different word. Our teacher heard her say it and told her, ¨Hermana, dont say that. That means hooligan or bad child.¨ I started laughing so hard because I realized that she had been telling our investigators all week that Jesus Christ is a bad child of God! I dont know how our investigators kept a straight face during our lessons. However, we are too new to have real investigators, so our investigators are also teachers here at the CCM. Thank goodness my companion learned how to properly pronounce hijo while here at the CCM! 
Another story that I didnt have time to share last week: On my flight to Mexico City I sat next to an older lady and her husband. It was a long flight, and I pulled out my scriptures and started reading. I happened to be reading the New Testament and the lady next to me said, Are you reading the Bible? Is it King James version?¨¨I told her yes and she got all happy and said Ï read that, too!¨After that she just kept talking to me about her church and asked me why I was flying alone to Mexico. I told her I was going on a mission for my church and she was so excited for me. She told me, ¨The Lord will bless you for your service. I know he will.¨While we were at baggage claim, she came over to me and handed me a piece of paper. On it was her phone number and the words Protected in Christ. She then told me to call her if I ever needed anything. Wow! I love how much support missionaries receive! Its great!
I hope everyone has a great week! I love the Book of Mormon more and more each day!
Hermana Angus